Friday, January 22, 2010


Monique Lessan, the founder of Teens Against Human Trafficking and a Licensed Private Investigator with collaboration from Laura Taylor, a marriage and family therapist, Gwen Hall and Soroptomist International of Santa Rosa are working together with Healdsburg High School students to educate them about human trafficking in general, with an emphasis on sex trafficking. The goal of this project is to teach Teens about the perils of human trafficking, so that they may educate their peers about the same, but from their own perspective.  
The students will be speaking live on the radio 89.1 FM, in regards to their experience with this project and their perspective on Global Sex Trade Enterprise.
On February 11th, these courageous teenagers will be presenting their group short films to other students while being filmed on Channel 50 KFTY. The film is scheduled to be shown one Sunday in March at 7:00 pm. This is a great period for family viewing. This time slot follows "Monk", a very popular show. The exact date is yet to be determined. stay tuned....

Students at Healdsburg High School during the shooting of one of the films