Friday, February 19, 2010

Laura Taylor shares the story of her abducted daughter

My daughter, I will refer to her as Kay, was a victim of Human Trafficking. She was “recruited” off the Santa Rosa JC Campus right here in Santa Rosa. I had “heard of” Human Trafficking “out there” in the world, and thought of it as something that happened in “other places”. I never realized it is happening locally

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photos of Feb 11th presentation

Feb 11th Presentation at the Healdsburg High School

It was a big day. Our dream came true. Over 200 students showed up at the Black Box and the MC Josh Gordon started by introducing the project of Teens Against Human trafficking and then Monique Lessan, the founder of the project. Monique then introduced Laura Taylor and her daughter Kaylee who was kidnapped several  years ago from Santa Rosa J.C. Kaylee proudly stood by her mother, contributing her share to the project. 
Then the three films started. They each had their perspective of what sex trafficking means to each group of students. The first two were somewhat humorous but the last one  involved suicide of one of the girls and selling her kidneys and hiring a Private Detective Monique Lessan to recover the abducted girl.
Then the students asked their questions and received their answers by the students along with whistles for emergencies. It was a great day for Healdsburg high school. Helen Sager of Soroptimist International Of Santa Rosa who sponsored this project passed out certificates of every participating student.

Friday, February 12, 2010

KBBF Radio Interview of Students from Healdsburg High School

Monique Lessan and Laura Taylor along with students Marco Hernandez, Salina Gomez and Hanna Wycoff of Healdsburg High School were interviewed on KBBF on Februray 6th 2010.